about us

Who we are

Asima is an early stage cancer diagnostic startup that aims to commercialize novel, patient-centric, and accessible genomic technologies. Our first product is a pan-genomic cancer surveillance testing platform.

Our Mission

We aim to disrupt, democratize and decentralize the cancer surveillance market, bringing about significant changes to the way cancer tests are accessed by every individual in our society, especially those in marginalized communities.



Asima is actively seeking collaborations to write grants, perform clinical studies, carry out research investigations and troubleshoot ideas that help meet our objectives.

Our Core Values

Asima believes in delivering timely, inexpensive and easy access to cancer diagnostics. Effectiveness in delivering technological advancements in these areas not just to populations centred around urban locations but to underserved populations so that as many lives may be saved, as possible.

  • Disrupt

  • Decentralize

  • Democratize

  • Deliver