Our technology


State-of-the-art liquid biopsy tests for cancer diagnosis and screening are dominated by next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies that look for changes in the circulating tumor DNA’s (ctDNA's) mutational or methylation landscape at the single nucleotide level. This not only requires costly infrastructure and extensive workflows but the sensitivity of the assays and the long turnaround time for results greatly impact their clinical adoption. It's no wonder that despite a decade of R&D, no single blood test exists for annual screening of multiple cancers.

ASIMA's unique offering

Asima is creating a novel category of cancer screening blood test that uses a non-NGS approach to rule out a wide variety of cancers from a single blood draw. Our patent-pending technology does not require days and weeks of data processing. Rather the results from sample draw to data output can be obtained in less than half a day. More importantly, the assay platform is not hobbled by large data sets and computationally intensive resources, which means it can be easily made available to every diagnostic lab in North America, well within the reach of consumers who truly need access.

What You Get

  • Faster result delivery

  • Ease of testing at a local lab

  • Affordable and non-invasive testing

Results So Far

Early testing on 200+ clinical samples has shown 96% sensitivity and 96% specificity across 14 cancer types (stages I to metastatic) (IP filed)